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Mario High School

With the success of our Comic Series, Mario Legacy is always trying to expand in areas that other Mario/gaming sites don't have. This time, we've gone away from the colorful visuals and have created what we call the Story Saga: Super Mario Legacy High School!

As the name says, the story is about the Mario world in a high school setting. In fact, this story was inspired by and is a parody of the infamous Metroid High School fan fiction that has been shown all over the Internet. I have been reading them for a little while now, and together with some other people, the decision was made to make a parody. If you've never read them, it is recommended that you do, because it will drastically help explain Super Mario Legacy High School.

There are some differences in the two stories, because it's not a copy+paste situation. The chapters are actually different, but occasionally, there will be a similar one just because it is a typical high school event, such as a dance. There may be some things that will be in the story that are the same (Such as MHS's main event in certain chapters) which is the whole parody part.

Story Rating Information

There is one thing about this story. Unlike the Comic Series, this story is not meant to be completely clean. With that said, it is not supposed to be vulgar either, but the story is supposed to represent high school with some degree of realism despite the story being fiction. Obviously, some concepts that wouldn't be found in a Mario game will be found in this story. I do my best to keep everything as clean as possible, and the story will be that way to the best of my ability while having a degree of realism in it.

If there is any issue or question with this, please check the Parent Information page! With that all said, enjoy the story. It should be a blast...

Complete Chapter Index
Chapter 1: The First Day Of Mario Legacy High School