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Mario High School Chapter 1

Summer was over. There would be no more beach parties, no more free time, and no more hanging out. The future would see a lot of work which would take all the fun away from the kids. There would be no more late nights and no more sleeping in. It was the last day of summer before the first day of Super Mario Legacy High School!

"I am SO nervous for the first day of school tomorrow!" Peach exclaimed loudly so that everyone at the sleepover could hear. As a yearly tradition, many of the popular girls had a sleepover to help celebrate the last day of summer. Daisy, Starry, and Viola were always there. "What am I going to wear tomorrow?"

"Well, that depends if you're just going to try to have all the boys hit on you again," said a voice. It was Rosalina, one of the most pretty girls in the school. "Why not just try a pink shirt with some short shorts? I'm sure all the guys will love it"

Peach was blushing. "What are you talking about Rosalina? You know I never get asked out. And besides, Homecoming '08 isn't even until 8 weeks away!" Peach decided she'd think about it tomorrow. It was time to go to sleep.

The sun rose the next morning in the east, because it doesn't rise in the west. The clock read 6:00 Am in the morning. Frustrated, Rosalina grabbed it and threw it against the wall, which caused it to break into numerous parts of plastics and inner-parts.

"Why did you do that?" Peach asked with teary eyes, "That was my most favorist clock!" Peach started to cry, she didn't understand why someone would break her clock! She was mad at Rosalina because she threw her clock against the wall! How dare she! "I'll get her back," Peach thought to herself.

The girls fought over it, but decided it was better to just get to school. Being juniors, they were just too cool for the bus. Yeah, that kind of cool. Instead, the drove to school, because that's just what the cool upperclassmen do. The freshmen have nothing on them. When they got there, they could see all their friends buzzing around. Everyone kept asking "What did you do this summer?"

"Damn it, I hate school," Bowser exclaimed. "Why do I have to be here? WHY WHY WHY!?!" He was busy beating up his locker with fists a-blazing. Bowser was super strong. Secretly, he had a thing for Peach, but no one knew. He really liked her. This year, Bowser was not going to be shy, he was going to make a move!

While Bowser was busy beating up an inanimate object that had never done anything to him, Mario was over hanging out with his buddies, Super Mallow, Iwelyk, and BabyBros. They were the male version of Peach's popular click. Especially Super Mallow, he was considered to be the coolest person in the school. He was even too cool to listen to My Chemical Romance.

"So, what classes do you guys have?" Mario asked, "I'm taking Sex Ed with Mrs. Valentina, if you know what I mean." Mario was clearly excited for his first class of the day. The others could only stare at him.

"You would do that," Iwelyk exclaimed. As Mario was going on about taking Sex Ed with a more than developed teacher that all the guys wanted, his brother Luigi was busy being his old self, which really wasn't much of anything. Unpopular compared to Mario, Luigi was on the negative spectrum in high school.

"Get him!" A roaring voice exclaimed loudly in the halls. It was Smithy and his gang. In fact, they were known around school as the Smithy Gang, notorious for being mean to other people! "Shove him in the locker!" Smithy screamed. Luigi tried to get out of it, but it was no use, they got him in it.

"Well, it's almost time for class," Daisy proclaimed. "I have to go find the Gym after they rebuilt it over the summer." No one really knew why, but for some reason, Daisy was always good at things that normally boys excelled in...

"Sounds good to me," said Peach. She had to get to cooking class. Peach was very good at using a frying pan and loved to cook. It was a good way to start the morning for her. Peach ran along, leaving Rosalina to get to her own class, Astrology 101

"Damn it, it's time for class," Bowser said in rage. "I HATE SCHOOL! AAAHHHHHH!"

"Hey, need us to help you find it?" Smithy asked. Smithy went around bullying everyone, including those he had no reason to hate. No one was out of reach for Smithy. With his gang behind him, they thought they were unstoppable.

"Oh no, it's Smithy!" Bowser shrieked. "Leave me alone you idiot, I don't need your help!" Bowser quickly ran away towards his class, putting on his iPod. My Chemical Romance was playing, he loved that band! He just wasn't as cool as Super Mallow.

"Attention students!" the principle exclaimed over the intercom. "We hope you had a great summer and didn't party too hard. From all of us here at the administration, we would like to take this opportunity welcome you all back to Mario Legacy High School!"