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Super Mallow
» Age: 18
» Jobs: Creator/Webmaster
» Favorite Mario Game: Super Mario RPG
» Favorite Non-Mario Game: Legends of Legaia/Final Fantasy 10/Donkey Kong Country 2
» Hobbies: Hockey, Basketball, Sports...
About Super Mallow

I'm 17 and a sports addict. I love hockey and basketball. I actually play hockey in a league - center position. I follow the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, NCAABB, and NCAAFB. I tend to play at least 2 hours of sports a day, and ESPN is always on .

Video game wise, the classics are the best. 16 bit era all the way! Love the side-scrollers, thought Super Mario RPG is my favorite game of all time. The RPG genre is my favorite, so I like a lot of games like Final Fantasy. The new-age games just don't cut it for me.

I've thought about making more sites, even started some but never put them up. With my sites already and with the addition of new sites (hypothetically), I had the idea of creating a network for all the site. This is still an idea I may do later on, but for right now, 2 sites works for me.

As for some other random favorite type of music is Alternative Rock - Music by The Killers, The Gorillaz, bands like that. I have a pet - a Labrador named Angel. What else? My favorite TV show - actually, I don't have a specific favorite...I watch all sports games. My favorite movie is A Night at the Roxbury.

Staff Information
Currently, Mario Legacy is not taking new staff members.