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Hidden message in Super Mario Galaxy

Hidden messages and subliminal messages are all around us. They're in advertising, tv shows, movies, and all kinds of different products and media in the world today. Video games are no exception to subliminal messages, though most of the subliminal messages found in games are through product placement in the sports genre.  Other games usually will have an in-game message, and others have hidden messages through other means.

Is it possible that there's a hidden message in Super Mario Galaxy? It's a loaded question really that a lot of people have been asking themselves lately. There's been a lot of speculation recently about a "message" that's supposedly hidden in the box art of Super Mario Galaxy. Allegedly, there's supposed to be a homophobic slur that's disguised in the text art of the words "Super Mario Galaxy".

Below is a picture of the box art. See the message?

Mario Galaxy box 

Chances are you didn't catch it right away, which I didn't either. But let's say we grayscaled it and colored certain parts, such as I've done below:

UR MR GAY message

So, why were the certain letters colored? Take a closer look what's on the corners of each of the colored letters. There's simply a light spark or something of the sort, which is how this "message" was found.

Combined, line from line, the letters spell out the following: Ur Mr Gay.

So, what does it mean? A lot of people have made a big deal out of it, saying it's homophobic or that Nintendo is "calling us gay" or something of the sort. Is that an actual message or just some sort of coincidence?

Personally, I'm pretty sure it's just nothing and someone was bored and noticed the light sparks and turned it into something that went way too far. People are probably thinking way too much into it and making it something that it's not. But who knows, it's a judgement call up to the reader.

So, is there a hidden message or not?