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Top 5 Worst Mario Characters

5. Piantas/Nokis
Not all characters are great, and some just need to be left out. To start out, how about the Piantas/Nokis? These guys just get in the way during your adventure, and they offer nothing to the Mario series as a whole. In the spin-off games (Mario Superstar Baseball), they are useless characters that don't benefit a team compared to others. Annoying, anyone?
4. Bowser. Jr
Many out there might disagree with this, but Bowser Jr. is one of the worst characters. Whatever happened to Baby Bowser? Did he ever need to be replaced? Bowser Jr. also is a bad character because in many newer Mario games, he replaces the Koopa Kids. Really, why would anyone want to have Bowser Jr. over the Koopa Kids?
3. Petey Pirahna /// (FLUDD)
There is no doubt in my mind that Petey Pirahna is one of the worst characters in the series today. He wasn't bad as a one time appearance in Super Mario Sunshine, but no, he had to appear multiple times in the game. Since then, he has been overused so many times - in spin-offs, in the RPG's, etc. Petey Pirahna is just a terrible idea for a character and is way too main stream.

FLUDD is also another character that is bad. He's not really a character, but at the same time, he is, with a voice and advice for Mario. FLUDD really killed Super Mario Sunshine - instead of Mario jumping and attacking enemies to defeat them, he had to spray them with water. Seriously, spray them with water? That's a joke, just like FLUDD.

2. Daisy
There isn't a need for two princesses in the Mushroom Kingdom. I know, I know, Daisy is originally from SaraSara Land, but she's here now, isn't she? Since her introduction in Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64 version), Daisy has been a burden on the Mario series. In every game, she's terrible, and always has bad voice acting. And it's not like I'm the only one who thinks this - taking a stroll down to the Mario section of Nintendo's Nsider Forums shows how much hate there is for her.
1. Walugi
The worst character in the Mario series, no doubt. Waluigi is terrible, flat out. There's no point to him! As if Wario wasn't getting annoying enough (If he wasn't a classic character, he'd be on this list), we needed a counterpart just for the fun of it. And really, why a counterpart to Luigi? I mean, if that wasn't thought of before, it obviously wasn't important enough as when Wario came onto the scene as Mario's counterpart. With a terrible character design, terrible voice acting, and a terrible "personality," Waluigi is the worst character in the Mario series.