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Top 5 Mario RPG Items

5) Shell Shock
The Shell Shock is an item that was introduced in Super Paper Mario. It's not the most powerful item or anything, but it truly is old school. With one, a player can launch a Koopa shell at enemies and create massive combos.
4) Pick Me Up / Life Shroom
Both these items are revival items. Pick Me Ups are found in Super Mario RPG while Life Shrooms are consistent throughout the Paper Mario series. When Mario or a partner falls, these provide an extra life, like a 1-Up!
3) Shiny Stone
The Shiny Stone is the only items to make this list that does absolutely nothing in the field or in battle. It is, however, the key to fighting Culex. It's not often that an item like that comes along in a Mario game.
2) Ice Bomb / Fire Bomb / Fright Bomb / Rock Candy
All 4 of these share the number 2 spot. They're all very powerful items and can leave a variety of effects on enemies. All 3 Bombs are found in Super Mario RPG and are some of the more rarer items in the game, and Rock Candies inflict a lot of damage with a cool star effect!
1) Red Essence
Red Essences only appear in Super Mario RPG, but are by far the coolest and best items to be in the Mario series. They make Mario and friends 100% invincible, and are the hardest items to come by in the game. They're very powerful, and with them, Mario and friends become unstoppable.