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Top 5 Mario Power Ups

5. Mushroom
Easily in the Top 5, the Mushroom is the gold standard in the Mario world. Getting one will make Mario super, and it will allow for more hits (enemy damage) to take Mario out. This power up appears in numerous Mario games and is generally needed to get a higher stage of power ups.
4. Tanooki Suit / Hammer Suit
These 2 suits appear in Super Mario Bros. 3 and instantly became classics. The Tanooki Suit allows Mario to fly and with it, he can also turn into a stone statue to avoid enemies. The Hammer Suit allows Mario to have the ability of a Hammer Bro. - hurling hammers at enemies.
3. Fire Flower
The Fire Flower is another classic power up. Using one of these will give Mario the ability to harness the power of fire in his hands and let him throw fire balls. Seriously though, who would of thought that an orange flower would give someone the ability to throw fire balls??
2. Cape / Feather (P-Wing...?)
More classics, anyone??? These 2 power ups grant Mario the ability to take to the skies. The Feather has limited flying abilities, but the Cape allows Mario to stay high in the air until the level is over. These items are very, very useful.
1. Star (Starman)
Nothing beats the power of invincibility. The Star isn't the best power up. It isn't the most liked, it doesn't give the most abilities. But it stays consistent throughout the Mario series. It even has its own theme! The Star has been used so, so many times in the Mario series, and its music also appears in many, many Mario games. It's not so much that it's people's favorite, it's not that it's the flashiest power up, it's that it's a constant in the Mario series.