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Top 5 Mario Let Downs

5. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
The Mario RPG series is one of the better series out there, and a lot of people expected a great game in Mario & Luigi 2. Unfortunately, it didn't deliver. Mario & Luigi 2 doesn't live up to the hype of the other games - with a short story, long boss battles, and no mini games, it's on our list at number 5.
4. Mario Kart: Super Circuit
It's not that Mario Kart: Super Circuit is a bad game, it could've just been much better. The first portable Mario Kart was supposed to be great, but it ended up in a let down. The old tracks in this game were supposed to be a nice edition, but they were completely destroyed by the games bad play and music. The newer courses were not the greatest either.
3. Yoshi's Story
Super Mario World was a great game. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island was a great game. The sequel, Yoshi's Story, was not. Granted, it's not a true sequel, but the format of the game and the concept is very similar. Yoshi's Story isn't even a very decent game, and left many fans hoping for more.
2. Super Mario Sunshine
Up to the Gamecube, each system had its mainstream games. The NES had Super Mario Bros., the SNES had Super Mario World, and the Nintendo 64 had Super Mario 64. Honestly, does Super Mario Sunshine even belong in such a category? No. Super Mario Sunshine provided no challenge, had no good levels, had a bad concept, and was very, very weak. It wasn't worthy of being the first main Mario game on the Gamecube.
1. New Super Mario Bros.
There is no doubt that New Super Mario Bros. is the greatest let down in Mario. Super Mario Bros.? Legendary game. Super Mario Bros. 2? Legendary game. Super Mario Bros. 3? Legendary game. The Super Mario Bros. series defined Nintendo and set up the basis for all of gaming. There's no other series out there like it, and New Super Mario Bros. doesn't come close to the quality of the original games. New Super Mario Bros. did not live up to the hype, and is by far the greatest let down in Mario.