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Levels of Super Mario World

One of the great things that Super Mario World offers is a whole lot of levels. There's also quite a few levels that have multiple exits, or ways to finish them. There's 96 exits in total and 2 secret worlds - here's a list of them all!
World 1 - Yoshi's Island
This is where the adventure starts. Yoshi's Island has a few levels, and all of them have only 1 exit. The Yellow Switch palace is found here on the left hand side, and there's a lake on the right. The castle is guarded Iggy.
Yoshi's Island Levels
» Yoshi's House
» Yoshi's Island 1
» Yellow Switch Palace
» Yoshi's Island 2
» Yoshi's Island 3
» Yoshi's Island 4
» #1 Iggy's Castle
World 2 - Donut Plains
Donut Plains is a lot like Yoshi's Island. The Cape is introduced here, and there's a giant lake on the right hand side. There's also a couple of Ghost houses, as well as a cavern to the right. There's a Top Secret area with a lot of goodies, and the first portal to Star Road is found here. The Green Switch palace is a secret are, and the castle is guarded by Morton.
Donut Plains' Levels
» Donut Plains 1
» Donut Secret 1
» Donut Secret House
» Star Road
» Donut Plains 2
» Green Switch Palace
» Donut Ghost Hourse
» Top Secret Area
» Donut Secret 2
» Donut Plains 3
» Donut Plains 4
» #2 Morton's Castle
World 3 - Vanilla Dome
Vanilla Dome is a giant cavern that contains a large lake. Along the left side is a rock climb, yielding a Star Road portal. Continuing on the left side is secret castle, guarded by Reznor. The right side contains a Ghost House and the Red Switch Palace. The castle guarded by Lemmy.
Vanilla Dome's Levels
» Vanilla Dome 1
» Vanilla Secret 1
» Star Road
» Vanilla Dome 2
» Red Switch Palace
» Vanilla Ghost House
» Vanilla Dome 3
» Vanilla Dome 4
» Vanilla Secret 2
» Vanilla Secret 3
» Vanilla Fortress
» #3 Lemmy's Castle
World 4 - Butter Bridge
Butter Bridge is the shortest of all worlds. There's not a whole lot here, except for 2 bridges. The entrance to the main lake on the world map is here, as well as a portal to Star Road. There's also a mountain on which the castle lies upon, which is guarded by Ludwig.
Butter Bridge's Levels
» Cheese Bridge Area
» Soda Lake
» Star Road
» Cookie Mountain
» Butter Bridge 1
» Butter Bridge 2
» #4 Ludwig's Castle
World 5 - Forest of Illusion
The Forest of Illusion is a giant forest, as the name indicates. There's a lot of secret exits and levels in this world, but a lot of tricks as well. There's a blank space on the map, and 2 different ways to go. The Blue Switch Palace is found here, along with a Star Road portal and a second fortress. The castle is guarded by Roy.
Forest of Illusion's Levels
» Forest of Illusion 1
» Forest of Illusion 2
» Blue Switch Palace
» Forest of Illusion 3
» Forest Ghost House
» Forest of Illusion 4
» Forest Secret Area
» Forest Fortress
» Star Road
» #5 Roy's Castle
World 6 - Chocolate Island
Chocolate Island is the last world before the Valley of Bowser. Actually, some secret levels of the island can be found in the Valley of Bowser. There's a Ghost House in the middle, and there's some tricks found in a few levels. The castle is guarded by Wendy.
Chocolate Island's Levels
» Chocolate Island 1
» Choco-Ghost House
» Chocolate Island 2
» Chocolate Secret
» Chocolate Island 2
» Chocolate Fortress
» Chocolate Island 4
» Chocolate Island 5
» #6 Wendy's Castle
World 7 - Valley of Bowser
The Valley of Bowser is the last world found in the game, minus the 2 secret worlds. The entrance is underneath the lake. There's a Sunken Ghost Ship as well as a Ghost House and fortress. There are 2 castles - one guarded by Larry, the other guarded by Bowser.
Valley Of Bowser's Levels
» Sunken Ghost Ship
» Valley of Bowser 1
» Valley of Bowser 2
» Valley Fortress
» Valley Ghost House
» Valley of Bowser 3
» Valley of Bowser 4
» Star Road
» #7 Larry's Castle
» Back Door
» Front Door
Secret World 1 - Star Road
Star Road is the world that connects all other worlds. It's a magical like place with a few levels, each of which have 2 exits. One exit is to Special, the 2nd secret world. All Star Road portals connect here and can be used to navigate throughout the world.
Star Road's Levels
» Star Road
» Star World 1
» Star Road
» Star World 2
» Star Road
» Star World 3
» Star Road
» Star World 4
» Star Road
» Star World 5
» Star Road
Secret World 2 - Special
Special is the coolest and most difficult/obscure world there is. There's not a whole lot of levels, but each of them brings it's own charm. Each level's name is tied within a theme, and each level is done in a different style.
Special's Levels
» Star Road
» Gnarly
» Tubular
» Way Cool
» Awesome
» Groovy
» Mondo
» Outrageous
» Funky
» Star Road