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Super Mario RPG Secrets (SNES)

This list is sorted alphabetically.

Bright Card

Remember Knife Guy and Grate Guy? Once enemies, they become friends with Mario, or at least help him get the Bright Card. Once Booster's Tower is complete, Knife Guy will be along one of the paths. He'll challenge you to a game where you need to guess in which hand he holds a ball. After 12 times of guessing correctly, he'll give you the Bright Card. However, he counts off losses!

Bowser's Free Chomp

It's always good to get some free equipment. In Booster's Tower, head to the room with the portraits. Earlier in the level, they tell you the order, but in case you forgot, the following is the order, from the left: 6, 5, 3, 2, 1, 4. They'll give you the Elder Key, and with it, you can open the nearby door to get Bowser's first weapon.

Background Change

It doesn't really change the background, it just changes the direction of the background. When you are at the pause screen, hold L and R, then hit a direction on the D-pad. You'll notice that the background will move in that direction that you chose. It'll continue to do so until it is changed again.

Beetle Mania

Beetle Mania is another one of those mini games found in Super Mario RPG. Once Toadstool is saved from her peril in Marrymore, head on over to the Inn at the Mushroom Kingdom. There'll be a purple toad in the corner. After talking to him, he'll offer you Beetle Mania for 500 coins.

Culex, Dark Knight of Vanda

This is, by far, the greatest secret in the game, and one of the greatest in the history of Mario. First off, the Fireworks are needed in Moleville. Once they've been obtained, trade them to the girl in Moleville for the Shiny Stone.

Take the Shiny Stone to Monstro Town. There's a sealed door there. Well, not anymore, because the Shiny Stone breaks the seal. Inside is the Dark Knight of Vanda, Culex.

And of course, be very, very prepared.

Endless Coins

Towards the end of Rose Way, there's a section with a tremendous amount of coins in treasure boxes. Well, they don't run out. Once they've all be opened, simply leave the area and return, and once more, they'll be there.

Endless Frog Coins

Land's End holds this secret. At the desert area, there's the whirlpools. Well, ants keep popping out of them. Jump on 'em 3 times to get a Frog Coin. This can go on as long as needed for whatever amount of Frog Coins is needed.


There's a guy in Moleville who sells these for 500 coins a pop. These fireworks give the player more at the end of the game, and can also give them designs. If 0-2 sets of fireworks were bought, a Mushroom shape will be there. 3-4 is a Fire Flower, and 5 or more is a Star.

Flower Jar / Frog Coin

Well, it's a choice to be made. Once Croco's been taken care of, the Wallet is obtained. Well, either give it back to the resident of the Mushroom Kingdom now, or give it back later. Giving it back now yields a Frog Coin, giving it back later yields a Flower Jar. However, waiting too long gets nothing!

Grate Guy's Casino

This is another one of Super Mario RPG's fantastic secrets. The Bright Card is needed, so make sure that it has already been obtained. With it, go to Bean Valley, specifically the part where the Shy Away is watering the Smilaxes.

Go down the pipe that's the farthest up. There'll be a Chomp there. Defeat it, and jump around the area to reveal a hidden block. Head up on it and follow it through to the casino!

Ghost Medal

In Monstro Town, sleep in the "Inn". It's not really an Inn, it's home to the Three Musty Fears. They're a bit bored and want to play a game. They'll give you clues to find their flags.

The first is under Mario's bed. The second is at Rose Town, behind the wooden flower near the beginning. The third is between the "O" and the "A" in the world GOAL at Yo'ster Isle.

Once all three flags are obtained, sleep in the Monstro Town Inn. The Three Musty Fears will be impressed and give Mario the Ghost Medal.

Invisible Helpers

Throughout the game, there's 3 invisible helpers. First up is the Mushroom Kingdom - near the main castle where the Chancellor resides is a house to the left. Behind it is the first helper.

The second is in Rose Town. He's behind the house that's up the stairs on the upper left corner. He'll tell you about Yo'ster Isle and Goomba Thumpin'.

The third isn't really a helper and is also found in Rose Town. First off, talk to the people until you find the one complaining about her husband. Well, behind the house you'll find him. Somehow, he didn't get unfrozen when Mario defeated Bowyer!

In Game Reset

At any point during the game, press Start + Select + R + L at the same time to reset the game.

Lamb's Lure

To get the Lamb's Lure, the B'Tub Ring and Mystery Egg must have been acquired. Equip the ring on Toafstool and use the Mystery Egg 10 times in battle. It'll then turn into the Lamb's Lure, and once that's used 48 times in battle, the Sheep Attack will be acquired.

Lazy Shell

The Lazy Shell is a weapon and a piece of armor, and is the best in both categoreis. After Megalax is beaten in Bean Valley, grab the Seed from the note. In Nimbus Land, walk along the right edge to find an invisible path - a Shy Away will give up some Fertilizer.

Now, head on back to Rose Town. A new path at the end will be open, leading to the Gardener. Let him plant the Seed with the Fertilizer and then it'll grow a beanstock leading up to some clouds where the Lazy Shell is.

Link Cameo

After playing with Gaz at the Rose Town Inn, you can stay for free. After staying the night, Link will be sleeping there from the Legend of Zelda series.

Marrymore Suite

If you stay at the hotel suite in Marrymore a certain amount of times, they'll give you some items for staying the night. Staying there 3 times gets a Flower Box, and every 5th time afterwards yields a Frog Coin.


At the beginning Booster Tower, there's a little room with a teeter-totter like contraption. Well, a little further in the level is the same room, except it's much higher up. Jump down and land on the teeter-totter to be flung back up. That'll ensure that Mario hits the chest containing the Masher!

Midas River's Coins

Well, this is more trouble than reward, but it's a twist on Midas River. Get the Fireworks in Moleville and trade them for the Shiny Stone. At the store, trade that for a Carbo Cookie. Head to the bottom left corner in Moleville and give it to the girl on the bucket. When she leaves, go on the bucket and treat it as a pipe - go down and you'll be doing Midas River once more, except this time, you'll keep what you get!

Retro Mario

Unfortunately, this can only be done once. In Booster Tower, there's an area with 2 curtains. Enter one of them, and Mario will return to his 8-bit self. However, leaving the room and such cancels it out and he'll then return to normal.

Safety Badge / Safety Ring

Both are found in Sunken Ship. After Calamari is defeated, the next room contains a treasure box. It's actually an enemy, but after it's defeated, it will give up the Safety Badge

The Safety Ring is found in the room with the Blooper and his "kid" Bloopers. Go underwater and to the pile of barrels. Behind them is a door containing the Safety Ring.

Samus Cameos

Our good friend from the Metroid series shows up twice in Super Mario RPG. After Star Hill and before Nimbus Land, go one over to the Mushroom Kingdom. In the guest chamber, where Mario got the Wake Up Pin during the Mack attack (Hey, it rhymes), is our friend Samus sleeping.

In the last room of Booster Tower, there's a box full of dolls. Look closely, because there is also a Samus one!

Selling the Bright Card

At Marrymore, the first guy in the Inn will offer Mario a proposal: 5 Frog Coins for the Bright Card. Well, that's a little cheap - saying "no" increases his offer to 10 Frog Coins./

If it's sold, but you want it back, he'll sell it back for 15 Frog Coins.

Star Egg

This is found in Grate Guy's Casino. Talk to Grate Guy a bunch of times, and eventually, he'll offer to play a game with you. It's "Look the Other Way". Well, beat him at it 100 times. It seems like a lot, but Grate Guy doesn't count off losses.

The Star Egg does 100 HP to all enemies, and it can be reused as many times as wanted!

Super Jumping

Super Jumping a lot of times in a row can get you some nice accessories and armor. Super Jump 30 times in a row will yield the Attack Scarf. 100 times in a row produces the best Armor in the game - the Super Suit.

If you do jump this many times for either prize, collect it by going to Monstro Town and talking to the K-9 in one of the houses.

Toad & Red Essences

In Nimbus Land, the Inn offers Mario to sleep with a special pillow to make him dream better. He'll have many different dreams, but if you get the one with Toad, it'll become a nightmare. Mario will dream that Toad is a monster.

Of course, Toad isn't. But afterwards, he appears next to Mario's bedside and gives 2 Red Essences.

Toadstool's ???

At any point in the game, this secret can be found. In Toadstool's room, go to her fireplace. Well, on the right side of it, against the wall, press A. You'll get a message saying you found Toadstool's ???.

If Toadstool's not in the party yet, her Grandma will give up a Mushroom.

Treasure Galore

In the Forest Maze, head on to the part where the path splits 4 ways. Go left, left, straight, right to reach a whole lot of treasure boxes! The directions represent Mario's perspective.


On Star Hill, there's a bunch of stars will little smiley faces. All those that have a smiley face have a wish, and you can read them. Some wishes include Luigi's and Mallow's.

Yoshi Ade

In Yo'ster Isle, win the Yoshi Races. Afterwards, Boshi will give Yoshi odds on winning and so on. Basically what needs to be done is to get a lot of Yoshi Cookies.

Feed the baby green Yoshi a lot of them - a whole lot. Eventually, he'll give up the Yoshi Ade. The Yoshi Ade is very powerful and is the rarest item in the game.