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Super Mario RPG Characters (SNES)

This list is sorted by Playable Characters, followed by Star Piece Holders. Other Allies are next, and the list finishes off with Opponents.

Playable Character (In order of appearance)


Mario is the hero of the game, and the main character overall. He's on yet another adventure to save the Princess Toadstool, except this time, it's in a new world, and of course, is an RPG. Later on, the mission shifts to the mysterious 7 Star Pieces to repair the Star Road. Mario uses weapons that include shells, hammer, and his own fists. His special moves include hurling fire balls at enemies and jumping on them.


Mallow makes his debut in Super Mario RPG. He meets Mario when his coin is stolen. He once thought he was a tadpole, but in fact, he's just a puffy cloud person who is actually a prince. Not often that happens, is it? Mallow has great magic, including the power to send thunderbolts on enemies, harness the power of the stars, and heal his comrades. Mallow likes to use staves and cymbals, and on occasion, his two fists. No crying!


Geno, by far, is the most mysterious character. Not only in Super Mario RPG, but in the Mario series as a whole. Originally a tiny little star-like being from the heavens, Geno takes the form of Gaz's doll. Geno is on a mission to collect the Star Pieces and repair the Star Road. He is a powerful warrior with great wisdom. Geno uses gun-like weapons, and his special moves have him using beams and light.


Bowser is just not the same one we've come to know and love. No, he's not interested in capturing Toadstool this time, he just wants his castle back! The only way to do that is to form the most unexpected alliance in gaming history: an alliance with his nemesis, Mario. Bowser is the most powerful party member, with brute strength and a lot of Hp. He uses chain links and his claws to fight, or he'll crush enemies with a pillar of earth.
Princess Toadstool

Princess Toadstool

Princess Toadstool is not just the damsel in distress in Super Mario RPG. Finally, she wants to take action, and not just let Mario take care of the problem. Toadstool leaves the Mushroom Kingdom to wage war on those who have broken the Star Road. She uses the power of her all might slap, and of course, the one and only Frying Pan. Make her angry, and she'll use her best move: Psych Bomb. 'Splode!
Star Piece Holders (In order of appearance)
Mack guards the first Star Piece. Mack takes over the Mushroom Kingdom and starts to terrorize it with his powers. He's a giant knife like creature, and he has a lot of Shysters on his side. Mack has power moves like Flame and Fire Wall, and with the Shysters, form a power team. Together, Mario & Mallow are able to take him down to recover the first Star Piece!
Ever heard of Artemis' Arrows? In Greek Mythology, Artemis was a goddess who shot arrows down and struck women with them. Well, it's not quite that bad, but Bowyer does the same thing. He hurls down arrows at Rose Town, freezing anyone he strikes. Bowyer also almost ends Geno's life until Mario saves him. He resides in Forest Maze, and guards the second Star Piece.
Some people are just all about getting their name out, and that's exactly who Punchinello is. He serves no real part in the storyline of the game, and unlike other Star Pieces holders, guards his piece at the beginning of the world, not end. Punchinello resides in the Coal Mines, and he loves Bomb-Ombs, including his enormous sized one to put an end to Mario...
Jonathan "Johnny" Jones
Johnny is the master of the sea. Anything that he sees and wants in the ocean is his without doubt, and when the fifth Star Piece falls into the water, he snags it. Johnny runs a hoard of pirates, and all of them live underwater in the Sunken Ship. Johnny loves to use a skew to attack, and he also loves to drink 100% Current Juice. Johnny ends up becoming an ally of Mario after the fight.
Yaridovich also guards the fifth Star Piece, after Johnny. Originally believed to be the elder of Seaside Town, Yaridovich undergoes a power transformation. Yaridovich tries to escape, but thanks to Johnny, he is unable to. Yaridovich loves to use his spear, and he can duplicate himself to dodge some attacks. He also features powerful spells such as Water Blast.
Axem Rangers
Well, it's not that often when the Mario series goes out and mentions a mainstream thing, but the Axem Rangers are all that as the guardians of the sixth Star Piece. They are a spoof from your childhood: the Power Rangers. Their leader is Axem Red, and they hold up on their ship, the Blade, after fleeing Barrel Volcano. Each colored character has their own different abilities.
Smithy is the ultimate. He's the last boss, and guards the seventh Star Piece, the last one to complete the Star Road. Smithy runs the Factory, which produces enemies. Somehow, someway, he's located inside Exor. Mario fights 2 battles with him: a straight up battle, and then a battle where Smithy shows his "true form" through multiple transformations.
Other Allies (In order of appearance)
When Mario comes back from Bowser's Castle, Toad's waiting there. He teaches Mario about items, Timed Hits, and other things like that. Along the way to the Mushroom Kingdom, Toad has the nice little habit of getting caught by the enemy.
Mallow's caretaker, Frogfucious is all knowing. He lives at Tadpole Pond, and takes care of all the tadpoles. Toadofski also resides here. Frogfucious sets Mallow on his way, gives him his first staff, and uses his wisdom to help the party.
Gaz is just a little kid who lives in Rose Town. When Mario comes to visit, Gaz wants to play with him. Mario does so, and Gaz decides to knock his lights out with the Geno doll. This ends up being the point where Mario meets Geno. Gaz also gives Geno his first weapon, the Finger Shot.
Well, there's actually a whole lot of Yoshi's, but Mario can only ride the traditional green Yoshi. Yoshi lives on Yo'ster Isle, and when Mario rides him, allows him to communicate with Yoshis of other colors. Yoshi also races with Mario, in hopes to let all the other Yoshis race.
Boshi doesn't really seem like an ally, but he is. Without him, there'd be no purpose of Yo'ster Isle! Boshi doesn't allow the other Yoshis to race, but when Yoshi wins, he does so. He provides Yoshi Cookies if Mario & Yoshi win the race.
Raz & Raini
It's true that they first appear in the Mushroom Kingdom, but that's not really where they become allies. That takes place in Marrymore, when they tell Mario what has happened! The 2 young Toads are kicked out of there own wedding, and they get Mario to help out with the problem.
Jonathan "Johnny" Jones
When the 5th Star Piece sinks into the ocean, Johnny gets it. Originally an enemy, Johnny battles Mario fiercely for the piece. Once Mario returns to Seaside Town and is tricked by Yaridovich, the old sea dog helps Mario reclaim it. Johnny also loves to drink juice.
This fiery little guys loves to fight. He runs his own dojo type place in Monstro Town, and accepts any challenger's proposal to fight. Size means nothing, as Jinx is incredibly strong. However, when Mario wins, Jinx swears his allegiance with 1000 jumps, and gives Mario the Jinx Belt.
Most people would disagree here, but Culex is not an enemy. A mighty warrior from Vanda, Culex is unrivaled in strength and power. He also harness the power of the elements to his advantage, and has powerful attacks. Culex just wants to fight the strongest in Mario's world, which is Mario!
Sergeant Flutter
Sergeant Flutter is the leader of a group of Paratroopas. He doesn't really reside in Monstro Town, but the elder calls him from there. With the power of the winged turtles, he allows Mario to jump from one to one to scale the cliff at Land's End.
Garro is a puffy cloud guy like Mallow, and lives in Mallow's real home: Nimbus Land. He's a statue maker for the queen who has taken over. When Mario can't get into the castle, he has the idea to make Mario bronzed as a statue.
King & Queen Nimbus
King and Queen Nimbus are actually Mallow's parents, which makes Mallow a prince. They don't really do a whole lot of help during the game, although they do get Jugem's Bus running, which allows Mario to reach Bowser's Castle after the bridge is out.
Croco is orignally an enemy of Mario throughout the whole game. Well, at the end, he's not. Croco becomes an ally of Mario at Bowser's Keep. Croco sells Mario and friends their strongest armor, and he also gives a hand with items.
Opponents (In order of appearance)
Hammer Bros.
The Hammer Bros. are the first bosses that are fought in the game. Both of them guard the exit of Mushroom Way, which blocks Mario & Toad from getting to the Mushroom Kingdom. Once beaten, Toad claims their hammer and gives it to Mario for his first weapon.
Croco becomes one of Mario's reoccurring foes. The first meeting is when he runs and hides at Bandit's Way after stealing Mallow's Frog Coin. Croco also steals all of Mario's items and coins in the Coal Mines, but at the end, sells Mario useful items and armor.
When Mallow has the idea to go see Frogfucious, the group has to pass Kero Sewers, which is where this boss lives. He can transform the party into scarecrows and such, and he loves to eat people! Belome later comes back at his temple near Monstro Town.
Some guys are just creepy, and that pretty much describes Booster. He's the one who got Princess Toadstool after Exor rained down, and has kept her in his tower. His tower is really a playhouse, and he tries to wed Toadstool, much to her disliking.
Knife Guy & Grate Guy
This is a pairing, one doesn't go without the other! These guys lay in Booster's Tower, and they are some jokesters, but fighters as well. Individually, they're not that strong, but when combined, they are able to unleash more powerful attacks.
So, Booster's trying to marry Toadstool at Marrymore, and there's no cake? Well, kind of, because Bundt is giant cake, just not the typical one someone would eat. In fact, it's alive, and quite strong at that. Booser is able to gobble it down, but really, who eats a moving cake?
King Calamari
This guy is found in the Sunken Ship as the boss who guards the password room. He's a giant squid with many annoying tentacles. He likes to use a lot of moves than invoke Status Aliments, and his tentacles will shake up the party!
It's about time that a boss is made from a regular enemy. Megasmilax is a giant Smilax, which is similar to a classic Piranha Plant. Megasmilax lies in Land's End, and he buds from a plant. He likes to use moves that cause the party to be turned into Mushrooms.
Dodo and Valentina
Dodo and Valentina are the prince and queen of Nimbus Land. Well, not really, but after locking up the real king and queen, they made the townspeople believe they were. Dodo likes the one on one battles while Valentina takes on the whole party.
Czar Dragon
This boss is found in Barrel Volcano. He has two forms, one of which he is a dragon of pure fire and everything that is a volcano. Afterwards, he takes a deathly look to him, as he's just a shell of himself - all bones. Czar Dragon has a lot of powerful moves as well.
Boomer is found at Bowser's Keep, the second time. The only way to get to the top to fight Exor is to go through him, which Mario must do. He fights Mario just like Bowser - on the chandeliers in the castle. Instead of going down, Boomer makes the chandeliers go up to reach the roof.
Exor is probably the biggest non-star piece boss there is. He is the giant sword that crashed into Bowser's Keep, destroying the Star Road in the process. He features his 2 eyes, his mouth, and his handle. He's the only boss that the 9999 Hp Geno Whirl attack works on.
Countdown / Cloaker & Domino
All of these bosses can be grouped, because they all do the same thing: they all try to get in the way of Mario while he's making his way through the gate. Countdown's a giant clock, and the other 2 are just some out of the ordinary bosses.
Gun Yolk
Gun Yolk is the last boss before Smithy. It's actually a machine crafted in the Factory, but it is very powerful nonetheless. Gun Yolk uses a powerful beam in hopes of taking Mario out, but after all, it's just a machine, right?