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Super Mario Kart Review (SNES)

Mario was always pretty fast on the side scrollers, wasn't he? Well, that's nothing compared to Mario in this game! Super Mario Kart combines racing and Mario to create an instant classic in the Mario series.

When Super Mario Kart was first released, the concept of it was a little bit different than what many fans expected. I don't think anyone really saw a Mario racing game coming, but why not? And that's the chance Nintendo took, and they couldn't have made a better decision.

When first starting up Super Mario Kart, the player will notice the stunning visuals and the nicely tuned in music. He or she will also notice that it's not just Mario who's playable this time, but in fact a variety of characters are playable. Those include heroes such as Princess Toadstool and Luigi and ranges as far as Bowser.

Once a character's been picked, it's time to race. Super Mario Kart features different levels of difficulty, and actually, can be quite hard for some players. Especially with the plethora of courses, changing the scenery often will lead to some difficulties. And of course, there's the now infamous Rainbow Road, which always gives players problems.

As for the racing itself, Super Mario Kart does not disappoint. The racing is nicely paced, and all the racing aspects seem to be in tact and tuned. And then the fun starts: Mass panic caused by a whole lot of items.

Items are the big thing to take away from this game. Items make this game so, so much fun. Whether it be with one player or with two players, the items found in Super Mario Kart just make the game so enjoyable. Players can use items to attack, to defend, and to gain speed. They tend to lead to a lot of chaos on the course, and no lead is safe because of the items. At the same time, a player is never truly out of the race until it's all said and done

The only thing that this game struggles with is repetitiveness. Even though there's quite a few courses, the game just seems to be too repetitive. Also, the courses are too short. Some of them can have a lap finished in 20 seconds or less. Even though there's a few laps per course, no one really wants to do them over and over again when they are so short

All in all, there's not a whole wrong with Super Mario Kart. The concept was slightly out of the ordinary, but everything worked out. The game sounds nice and looks nice and has exceptional play, but it does get a little bit repetitive.

Overall Score: 8.8/10