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Letter Effects in Mario Paint

What's different about Mario Paint? Well, quite a lot - it's not like most other video games. One of Mario Paint's little gems is the title screen. Each letter in the words Mario Paint has a different effect on either the screen or Mario himself.
The Letter "M"
Hitting this letter will be like getting hit by an enemy or getting one of the old fashion mushrooms. Sometimes Mario will shrink, other times he will grow.
The Letter "A"
This letter actually requires a tiny bit of skill to fully use. Pressing the letter will cause it to rapidly fall. If Mario is under the "A" when it falls, it'll push him down and it'll take a few moments for him to fall from the top of the screen.
The Letter "R"
The "R" in M-A-R-I-O P-A-I-N-T is really quite strange. Hitting it will cause it to sprout and eye. With it's new found vision, it'll walk around.
The Letter "I"
Clicking the "I" will simply change the music!
The Letter "O"
The "O" does the same thing as the "I" - It'll change the music after it turns into a bomb. However, this is the first instance of Kazumi Totaka's song.
The Letter "P"
Hitting the "P" will cause the biggest change. The background will completely change to a much more colorful scheme. This will also change the sequence of the guys doing the sit-ups when Mario is clicked to start the game.
The Letter "A"
Tapping the letter "A" in the word Paint will cause an old friend to show up. Yoshi will make a cameo when the letter is pressed.
The Letter "I"
The letter "I" will simply make the screen shake when it's pressed.
The Letter "N"
Normally credits are viewed at the end of the game. Not the case in Mario Paint - clicking the "N" will make the credits roll.
The Letter "T"
The letter "T" will invert the colors on the title screen.