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Stages in Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. features a bunch of different stages that belong to each character in terms of theme. Some are large, some are small, but all are great for melee combat. Some even feature exclusive obstacles and challenges to overcome. Most of the stages start from the beginning, one other needs to be unlocked. Here's a list of all the stages!
Main Stages
Name Description How to Unlock
Congo Jungle This stage belongs to Donkey Kong. It's sunset background offsets it's wood flooring. This stage is small and features a rotating Arrow Barrel underneath it's main fighting area. Unlocked from start
Dream Land The turf of the punk puffball known as Kirby. This stage is outdoors in a friendly like setting. It's relatively small and features Whispy Woods blowing wind in one direction inconsistently. Unlocked from start
Hyrule Castle Hyrule Castle is where Link does his fighting at. It is the largest stage found in the game in terms of length. There's a few tornadoes to get in the way. Unlocked from start
Peach's Castle The home field for Mario & Luigi, Peach's Castle is nothing like it's been before. There's a platform that moves left and right, as well as a balcony-like strip to fight on. Unlocked from start
Planet Zebes Planet Zebes is from the Metroid series and is home to Samus. This stage is small and features lava-like fire on the bottom. Hopefully no one falls in... Unlocked from start
Saffron City Saffron City is a location famous in the Pokémon world. It's full of tall buildings, mainly that of Silph Co. Random Pokémon come out of the main building to attack. Unlocked from start
Sector Z Sector Z is located deep in space, an obvious home field advantage for Fox. This stage is relatively large with Arwings firing at the fighters. Unlocked from start
Yoshi's Island As if the name wasn't obvious enough, this stage is home to that ever-lovable green dinosaur we've come to know as Yoshi. This stage is small and features clouds to jump on. Unlocked from start
Secret Stages
Mushroom Kingdom Mushroom Kingdom: the classic in every sense of the word. Home to Mario & Luigi, this stage is everything and anything from the original Super Mario Bros.. Complete 1-Player mode with all original 8 characters with any setting and any stock.