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Items in Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. offers a plethora of items to make battle more fun. Some do massive damage, others heal. Either way, here's a list of them all!





This isn't really an item. In fact, a Barrel contains multiple items. It can be thrown and when it breaks, a few items will be released. Donkey Kong has the ability to run with it, whereas everyone else moves slow with it

Beam Sword

This is the longest item in the game, reach wise at least. The Beam Sword glows a purple/pink color and has a very strong attack. It does not run out like other items, and it's very powerful as a projectile.


Bob-ombs are very, very powerful. There just the standard Bob-ombs found throughout the Mario series. Throw these at enemies to send them flying off the stage, but be careful: After a certain amount of time, they'll explode on the user!


This is the most useless and the most pointless item in the game. A Bumper is just a large metal disc that inflicts low damage when touched


Capsules are kind of like Barrels, except they only contain one item. Unlike Barrels, they are light, so everyone can run with them. They're also easier to throw


Crates are like Barrels and Capsules. They hold multiple items and release them when broke. The only difference between a Crate and a Barrel is that Barrels roll, Crates do not

Chansey's Egg

This is a Pokémon themed item, obviously. Chansey's Eggs contain single items and are parallels to Capsules


Ever had a paper cut? Hurts like crazy, more than regular cuts. Unfortunately, that does not apply to the Fan in Super Smash Bros. - it's really weak, but great for quick attacks

Fire Flower

Fire Flowers are weak, yet they are able to inflict a lot of damage on opponents. They produce a steady stream of fire. The individual burns are weak, but having so many adds up. Fire Flowers lack range, however, and run out

Green Shell

No Koopa Troopas here, just their shells. Green Shells are not that powerful, but they can be effecting. Green Shells are thrown at enemies, and they'll roll on the ground and off edges and platforms


Time to go way old school, all the way back to Donkey Kong (the game, not the character). The Hammer is a very, very powerful items. Getting one of these will cause a character to instantly start hammering away, and getting hit will cause a character to go flying

Heart Container

Well, it won't give you extra hearts like in the Legend of Zelda series, but it's still an effective item. A Heart Container will take away all the damage of a player, no matter how much it is. The only problem is that Heart Containers float down slowly

Home Run Bat

This item is the most powerful item in the game, no doubt. One hit from the Home Run Bat will send an opponent flying off the stage, literally. The Home Run Bat can also break shields

Maxim Tomato

Maxim Tomatoes are the only other healing items found in Super Smash Bros. other than Heat Containers. Maxim Tomatoes restore 100% of damage, and that's all. They're more common than Heart Containers

Motion Sensor Bomb

Motion Sensor Bombs are kind of like Bomb-Ombs to a certain extent. They are very powerful, but instead of throwing them at a player, they are planted in the ground and go off when something touches them

Poké Ball

Poké Balls are one of the better and more common items in the game. As expected, they contain various kinds of Pokémon. The Pokémon released helps the player who threw the Poké Ball by using special moves

Ray Gun

A Ray Gun is good for inflicting damage from a short or long range. Laser like bullets are shot, and when the hit an opponent, the opponent is shot in the air a little bit. There's a total of 16 shots

Red Shell

Red Shells are the same as Green Shells, except they do not fall edges. Instead, they stay on the edges and go after the player closest to them


Stars have remained constant through Mario/Nintendo over the years, and it's no different here. Getting one will make a player temporarily invincible. If a player goes off the stage, however, they will still lose a life

Star Rod

The Star Rod serves as a melee weapon and a long range weapon. It's basically something to hit someone with, but at the same time, it can shoot stars out at opponents that are across the stage