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Power stars in Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is full of vibrant levels and huge areas. Whether it be snow, mountainside, or just a grassy area, the game covers them all. Each level has 6 Power Stars to be obtained, and a secret seventh Power Star is obtained in each level by collecting 100 coins.

Please note that all of the Castle's Secret Stars are at the bottom. They include all the Wing Cap level, the Metal Cap level, the Invisible Cap Level, all 3 Bowser levels, and any other areas.

Bob-omb Battlefield

Bob-omb Battlefield is a large and vast area and somewhat of a war zone! Large explosive bubble rain down onto the grassy area. It's also home to the Big Bomb-Omb and Koopa the Quick. There's a giant mountain to scale and cannons are found thoughout.

Bob-omb Battlefield Stars
» Big Bob-omb On The Summit
» Footrace With Koopa The Quick
» Shoot To The Island In The Sky
» Find The 8 Red Coins
» Mario Wings To The Sky
» Behind Chomp's Gate
» 100 Coins
Whomp's Fortress

Whomp's Fortress is a combination of a giant tower, a shallow lake, and a grassy area. It's actually a big floating island with a tower built on it. This level is home to Whomp, as well as the Owl in the tree that enables Mario to fly. There's a little lake built here as well.

Whomp's Fortress Stars
» Chip Off Whomp's Block
» To The Top Of The Fortress
» Shoot Into The Wild Blue
» Red Coins On The Floating Isle
» Fall Onto The Caged Island
» Blast Away The Wall
» 100 Coins
Jolly Roger Bay

Jolly Roger Bay is a vast and endless sea. It's very deep and deceiving. The Eel is a local resident here and there is a ship in the deepest lagoon. A cave with stone pillars and hidden chest is found here, as well as a jet stream.

Jolly Roger Bay Stars
» Plunder In The Sunken Ship
» Can The Eel Come Out To Play?
» Treasure Of The Ocean Cave
» Red Coins On The Ship Afloat
» Blast To The Stone Pillar
» Through The Jet Stream
» 100 Coins
Cool, Cool, Mountain

Cool, Cool, Mountain is a paradise that's completely white and covered in snow. It's a downhill course with a snowy slide, as well as a full fledged icy race track inside a cabin. A giant snowman calls this place home, as well as penguins.

Cool, Cool, Mountain Stars
» Slip Slidin' Away
» Li'l Penguin Lost
» Big Penguin Race
» Frosty Slide For 8 Red Coins
» Snowman's Lost His Head
» Wall Kicks Will Work
» 100 Coins
Big Boo's Haunt

Big Boo's Haunt is a giant mansion invaded with all kinds of creepy things. There's all kinds of tricks and traps here, as well as a ton of ghosts. A giant killer piano resides here, sneaking up on unsuspecting victims. There's also a bottom room filled with water.

Big Boo's Haunt Stars
» Go On A Ghost Hunt
» Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round
» Secret Of The Haunted Books
» Seek The 8 Red Coins
» Big Boo's Balcony
» Eye To Eye In The Secret Room
» 100 Coins
Hazy Maze Cave

Hazy Maze Can is an underground level. There's all kinds of tricks and mazes here. At the bottom of it lies a lake with a giant water beast waiting there, though it's a friendly beast. There's poison gas on the ground and the Metal Cap switch is found here!

Hazy Maze Cave Stars
» Swimming Beast In The Cavern
» Elevate For 8 Red Coins
» Metal Head Mario Can Move!
» Navigating The Toxic Maze
» A-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit
» Watch For Falling Rocks
» 100 Coins
Lethal Lava Land

Lethal Lava Land is exactly as the name intended it to be. This level is full of lava and fire. A giant Bowser puzzle also is found here, as well as a volcano. Mario fights a giant Bully here, and also tight walks along a giant wooden log to get Power Stars.

Lethal Lava Land Stars
» Boil The Big Bully
» Bully The Bullies
» 8-Coin Puzzle With 15 Pieces
» Red-Hot Log Rolling
» Hot-Foot-It Into The Volcano
» Elevator Tour In The Volcano
» 100 Coins
Shifting Sand Land

Shifting Sand Land is nothing more than a giant sandstorm in the desert. A bird patrols the skies, and a giant pyramid rests in the middle of the level. Inside the pyramid lies many, many traps and tricks for Mario.

Shifting Sand Land Stars
» In The Talons Of The Big Bird
» Shining Atop The Pyramid
» Inside The Ancient Pyramid
» Stand Tall On The Four Pillars
» Free Flying For 8 Red Coins
» Pyramid Puzzle
» 100 Coins
Dire, Dire Docks

Dire, Dire Docks is home to Bowser's giant metal submarine. Manta Rays and other fish swim throughout the level. Moving poles hang from the ceiling like an obstacle course. Like Jolly Roger Bay, a jet stream is also found here.

Dire, Dire Docks
» Board Bowser's Sub
» Chests In The Current
» Pole-Jumping For Red Coins
» Through The Jet Stream
» The Manta Ray's Reward
» Collect The Caps
» 100 Coins
Snowman's Land

Snowman's Land is the second and last snow level in Super Mario 64. There is a giant snowman which Mario can actually climb. He likes to blow people away. There is also an igloo here, as well as an ice platform for fight Bullies on.

Snowman's Land Stars
» Snowman's Big Head
» Chill With The Bully
» In The Deep Freeze
» Whirl From The Freezing Pond
» Shell Shreddin' For Red Coins
» Into The Igloo
» 100 Coins
Wet-Dry World

Wet-Dry World is covered in water...sometimes. Using a system of actuators, Mario can control the level of the water to get to different parts of the wrecked city. There is, however, and underground-like city guarded by a tall fence.

Wet-Dry World Stars
» Shocking Arrow Lifts
» Top O' The Town
» Secrets In The Shallows & Sky
» Express Elevator -- Hurry Up
» Go To Town For Red Coins
» Quick Race Through Downtown
» 100 Coins
Tall, Tall Mountain

Tall, Tall Mountain is exactly what it says - a tall mountain that's difficult to climb. There's vines, log bridges, and gaps. There's giant mushrooms that Mario can use, as well as a secret slide hidden inside the mountain.

Tall, Tall Mountain Stars
» Scale The Mountain
» Mystery Of The Monkey Cage
» Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins
» Mysterious Mountainside
» Breathtaking View From Bridge
» Blast To The Lonely Mushroom
» 100 Coins
Tiny-Huge Island

Tiny-Huge Island is a grassy island that offers more than other levels. Mario can either be tiny compared to everything else or he can be huge. There's a lot of wind in this level. Koopa the Quick makes a second appearance here, and Wiggler makes his first appearance in this level.

Tiny-Huge Island Stars
» Pluck The Piranha Flower
» The Tip Top Of The Huge sland
» Rematch With Koopa The Quick
» Five Itty Bitty Secrets
» Wiggler's Red Coins
» Make Wiggler Squirm
» 100 Coins
Tick Tock Clock

Tick Tock Clock is the hardest level in the game, no doubt. It's a giant clock, full of gears, bars, and all sorts of contraptions. Everything moves like a working clock. However, if Mario enters when it strikes one o'clock, everything stops.

Tick Tock Clock Stars
» Roll Into The Cage
» The Pit And The Pendulum
» Get A Hand
» Stomp On A Thwomp
» Timed Jumps On Moving Bars
» Stop Time For Red Coins
» 100 Coins
Rainbow Ride

Rainbow Ride is the last level in the game. Everything is suspended on air. A magic rug allows Mario to travel along a rainbow path. Poles and platforms are everywhere, along with a structure that allows for a lot of wall jumping.

Rainbow Ride Stars
» Cruiser Crossing The Rainbow
» The Big House In The Sky
» Coins Amassed In A Maze
» Swingin' In The Breeze
» Tricky Triangles!
» Somewhere Over The Rainbow
» 100 Coins
Castle's Secret Stars

The castle itself offers many secret stars. A star can be obtained in all 3 of the Bowser levels by obtaining 8 red coins. If 8 red coins are obtained in each of the Cap levels, a Power Star will appear. There's also Power Stars hidden in extra areas.

Castle's Secret Stars
» Bowser In The Dark Road -- 8 Red Coins
» Bowser In The Fire Sea -- 8 Red Coins
» Bowser In The Sky -- 8 Red Coins
» Catch The Rabbit 1
» Catch The Rabbit 2
» Cavern Of The Metal Cap -- 8 Red Coins
» The Princesses' Secret Slide 1
» The Princesses' Secret Slide 2 (Under 21 seconds)
» The Secret Aquarium -- 8 Red Coins
» Toad 1
» Toad 2
» Toad 3
» Tower Of The Wing Cap -- 8 Red Coins
» Vanish Cap Under The Moat -- 8 Red Coins
» Wing Over The Rainbow -- 8 Red Coins