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Quizmo's Quizzes

1. What is the name of Goombario's younger sister?

Answer: Goombaria


2. What is the color of the block you can break with the first hammer you got?

Answer: Yellow


3. What ability does Goombario frequently use?

Answer: Tattle


4. What color pants does Goomba King wear?

Answer: Red and White


5. Which of Mario's battle commands is at the far left?

Answer: Strategies


6. How many windows does the Goomba House in Goomba Village have?

Answer: 1


7. What's the name of the leader of the Red and Blue Goomba Bros.?

Answer: Goomba King


8. What color are Luigi's pants?

Answer: Blue


9. How many members are there in Goombario's family?

Answer: 6


10. What will you receive for the right answer in the quiz?

Answer: Star Piece


11. What is the name of the smart living toad in Toad Town?

Answer: Russ T.


12. How many buildings are there in Koopa Village?

Answer: 60


13. Of the following, who is NOT a member of the Koopa Bros.?

Answer: Blue Ninjakoopa


14. How many coins are needed to buy a Mushroom in Koopa Village?

Answer: 4 Coins


15. Where does Merluvlee, who tells fortunes about special things, live?

Answer: Shooting Star Summit


16. What is the name of the character who joined you at Koopa Bros. Fortress?

Answer: Bombette


17. What color is Bowser's hair?

Answer: Red


18. How many Star Spirits do you have to save?

Answer: 7


19. What's the name of the elderly Koopa Troopa who always asks for errands to be run?

Answer: Koopa Koot


20. How many Bob-Ombs besides Bombette were imprisoned at Koopa Bros. Fortress?

Answer: Four


21. Where is the house of the explorer, Kolorado?

Answer: Koopa Village


22. What is the destination of the train that departs from Toad Town station?

Answer: Mt. Rugged


23. What is the name of the fellow who sells badges in Toad Town?

Answer: Rowf


24. What treasure did Bowser steal from Star Haven?

Answer: Star Rod


25. What color is the roof of the house in Koopa Village where you can listen to the radio?

Answer: Blue


26. Who does Kooper idolize?

Answer: Kolorado


27. What does Merlee of Dry Dry Outpost specialize in?

Answer: Casting Spells


28. Who hides inside a coffin in Dry Dry Ruins?

Answer: Pokey Mummy


29. What do you get when you take Star Pieces to Merlow in Shooting Star Summit?

Answer: Badges


30. Who knew the location of Dry Dry Ruins in Dry Dry Desert?

Answer: Moustafa


31. When you want Tayce T. to make Lemon Candy, what do you need to bring besides a Lemon?

Answer: Cake Mix


32. Who among the following lives in Forever Forest: Jr. Troopa, Oaklie, or Cleft?

Answer: Oaklie


33. What are Boos exactly?

Answer: Ghosts


34. What appears when you hit the Whacka living on Mt. Rugged?

Answer: Bump


35. Other than Lemons, what fruit drops when you hit a tree in the desert oasis?

Answer: Lime


36. What's the name of the strange person who lives in Toad Town who can change Mario's status?

Answer: Chet Rippo


37. What ability does Bombette frequently use?

Answer: Bomb


38. What does Gourmet Guy like?

Answer: Cake


39. Who is the second companion to join your team?

Answer: Kooper


40. Who tries to steal Coins from you in the desert?

Answer: Bandit


41. What is the name of the Star Spirit who can use Star Storm?

Answer: Skolar


42. What are addressed to your companions and sent to the Post Office?

Answer: Letters


43. Among the following, which building is NOT in Toad Town: Shop, Station, or Mayor's House?

Answer: Mayor's House


44. What kind of book did Gourmet Guy drop?

Answer: Cook Book


45. Who am I?

Answer: Chuck Quizmo


46. Where do I show up?

Answer: Towns and villages


47. What is the name of the plant that grows in Jade Jungle and blows out stars?

Answer: Trumpet Plant


48. What color is the leaders of Yoshi Village?

Answer: Green


49. What is the name of the elderly man that tells fortunes in Toad Town?

Answer: Merlon


50. How many colors of Yoshis did you see in Yoshi Village?

Answer: 5


51. How would the Yoshi kids in Yoshi Village describe Sushie?

Answer: Bossy


52. What building is across from Toad Town's Post Office?

Answer: Merlon's house


53. What kind of card do you get when you defeat Lee at the Dojo in Toad Town?

Answer: Second-Degree


54. What color is the brooch that Princess Peach wears?

Answer: Blue


55. Who gave you Miracle Water in Flower Fields?

Answer: Lily


56. What is the name of Lakilester's girlfriend?

Answer: Lakilulu


57. How do you make the pipe leading to the Toad Town Playroom come out?

Answer: Hit a tree


58. Among the following, who is inside Club 64: Dancer, Composer, Pop Diva?

Answer: Pop Diva


59. Which of the following do Shy Guys never do: Sing, Dance, or Run?

Answer: Sing


60. Which best describes the relationship between Mario and Luigi?

Answer: Brother


61. Among the following, who is found in Starborn Valley: Penguin, Lakitu, Ninji?

Answer: Ninji


62. How many companions do you travel with?

Answer: 8


63. What is the name of the Star Kid who's always with Princess Peach?

Answer: Twink


64. How many Star Spirits have you saved in total?

Answer: 14