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Super Mario Bros. Deluxe enemies

This enemy list is in order of its appearance in the Super Mario Bros. Instruction Booklet, not in an alphabetical order

Please note that these sprites are from the Nintendo version of Super Mario Bros.

Name Picture Point Value Description
Little Goomba 100

This enemy is real simple - they just walk around in straight lines. One fireball, one jump, or one hit with a star will defeat these guys.

Koopa Troopa Green 100

These enemies are supposed to defeat Mario - they will just walk in straight lines. It takes 2 jumps to take them out.

Koopa Troopa Red 100

The Red version is the same as the Green, except they do not fall off ledges and cliffs.

Koopa Paratroopa Green 400

These guys fly around attacking Mario with no control. It takes 3 hits to defeat them.

Koopa Paratroopa Red 400

This enemy is the same as its Green counterpart, except the Red ones fly under control, generally in some sort of pattern.

Buzzy Beetle 100

Buzzy Beetles are tougher enemies, but are very similar to Little Goombas. Only jumping works - fireballs do nothing on them.

The Hammer Brothers 1000

These guys generally come in 2's, but sometimes they're alone. They'll throw hammers from distance.

Spiny 200

Spinys are just like Buzzy Beetles, except the spikes on the top of them will cause Mario to take damage.

Lakitu 200

Lakitus take to the sky, so they're hard to hit sometimes. They'll throw Spiny's Eggs and Spinys towards Mario.

Pirana Plants 200

These guys come out of pipes at random times to attack Mario. Their spiky teeth make it impossible for Mario to jump on them.

Spiny's Eggs 200

These eggs are the stage before Spinys. Lakitu throws these at Mario, and they don't turn into Spinys until they reach the ground.

Cheep-Cheep 200

These fish are found underwater, but they do have wings - sometimes they'll be on land flying from underneath.

Bullet Bill 200

The Bullet Bill is actually the enemy coming out of the cannon. They'll fly in straight lines and can be destroyed by jumping on them.

Bloober 200

Bloobers are found underwater, but they swim wildly. Fireballs are what can kill them.

Podobo ---

This flame is found in all the castles protecting Bowser. It'll fly up from the lava bath below, hoping to burn Mario.

Bowser ??? / 5000

The big baddie of them all, Bowser rules all castles and was the one who captured the Princess. He'll throw hammers, breath fire, and jump around. He can't be harmed except with Fireballs, which will yield 5000 points.