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Rawk Hawk

Rawk Hawk

Rawk Hawk

Rawk Hawk's Story

Rawk Hawk first appeared in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and has not made another appearance since then. He's the reigning champion at the Glitzville fighters tournament and a media darling.

After Mario got the second Crystal Star, his magical map led him to Glitzville, the city floating in the sky. Glitzville is the home to a fighters tournament, where the toughest fighters in the world come to lace up their gloves. They're all after the belt which Rawk Hawk holds, which has the orange Crystal Star embedded in the middle.

When Mario reached Glitzville, the influence of Rawk Hawk became instantly apparent. Posters and flyers of him were everywhere. All of Glitzville's residents mentioned him. When Mario entered the tournament as the Great Gonzalez, Rawk Hawk was the first to tell him to watch out.

During the tournament, Rawk Hawk was constantly on the alert of the Great Gonzalez and would often threaten/warn him not to make it to the finals. The tournament scene also gartered a lot of attention towards Rawk Hawk, as he was Glitzville's biggest stars. Mass media frenzies became constant.

As the Great Gonzalez continued through the tournament, more and more people shifted towards his side and left the Rawk Hawk band wagon. To counter this, Rawk Hawk would send presents to Mario, such as a poisoned piece of cake. Jealousy got the best of Rawk Hawk, and he had to revert back to using cheap tactics to try and knock the Great Gonzales out before he went too far in the tournament.

The title bout to determine the champion would be between the two. A fearsome fight progressed with both competitors fighting hard. The Great Gonzalez was just too much for Rawk Hawk and he was defeated. In the end, he had to surrender his belt, much to his disbelief. With that, Mario and Rawk Hawk both found out that the Crystal Star on the belt was a fake.

The real Crystal Star was with Macho Grubba, the owner/commissioner of the Glitzville tournament. Using Rawk Hawk was a perfect distraction for him to carry out his evil plot, which Mario stopped immediately after the tournament. Grubba was defeated and the Crystal Star came into the possession of the good guys.

After the tournament, and after everything was settled, Rawk Hawk ended up accepting the Great Gonzalez as a friend. He showed some bitterness towards him, but it was his fighting spirit. Rematches were constant with the Great Gonzalez being the current champion, and Rawk Hawk never faded from the media spotlight.

Other Facts

Rawk Hawk loves to advertise himself, mainly with the phrase "You wanna hate me, you you can't help but love the RAAAAWWWWKKK"

Rawk Hawk has a workout room inside Shwwonk Fortress in the sewers.

Rawk Hawk is a cameo in Super Paper Mario in one of Francis' rooms within his fortress.