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Mr. L

Mr. L

Mr. L

Mr. L's Story

Mr. L's first and so far only appearance came in Mario's first adventure on the Wii: Super Paper Mario. There's something about him that just looks familiar, isn't there? As expected, Mr. L is Luigi's evil counterpart.

While Mario was trying to gather the 4th Pure Heart from space, Count Bleck was busy preparing Mr. L for Mario's arrival. Bleck stuck him at the farthest point in space: The Whoa Zone. Inside the Whoa Zone, Mr. L guarded the final room to the Pure Heart.

When Mario reached the Whoa Zone, a fierce battle between our hero and the brainwashed brother ensued. While Mario was much stronger, Mr. L had a few tricks up his sleeve. Mr. L unleashed Brobot, a giant robot which he controlled and used to try and destroy Mario. It didn't matter, as Mario always beats down the bad guys.

After the beating, Mr. L returned to Bleck's castle and started to prepare for the reunion of the two brothers.

The conflict between the two sides would subside until Mario reached the Sammer Guy Kingdom. The Sammer Guy Kingdom was the first world to be destroyed by the Void, leaving it completely blank. There, Mr. L showed up once again to try and stop Mario from stopping the Void.

Mr. L came equipped with Brobot again, except this time, it was an upgraded edition called Brobot L-Type. He was much stronger this time. Mr. L tried and tried, but it was no use - Mario managed to defeat him easily. After his defeat, Dimentio showed up and sent both of them to their game overs - the Underwhere.

At the Underwhere, Luigi (not Mr. L) was found lying on the ground. When he came through, Luigi told Mario that he vaguely remembered something that happened between them. He joined Mario's party and they continued in their quest.

When Mario and friends finally reached Castle Bleck, they took care of the Count. At this point, the Chaos Heart was revealed. Dimentio showed up and finally saw his plan come to life. With the Chaos Heart, Dimentio took control of Luigi and turned him back into Mr. L.

Except this Mr. L was a bit different. Dimentio merged himself with him and created the ultimate evil: Super Dimentio - a combination of Mr. L, Dimentio, and the Brobot L-Type. A fierce battle ensued, and in the end, the power of the group was able to defeat the ultimate evil and the true Luigi came back.

Other Facts

Mr. L has a nickname that he gave himself: The Green Thunder.

Mr. L does not have the High Jump as he does as Luigi.