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Mallow's Story

Mallow's first role came in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He met Mario early in his adventures, and needed Mario's help to get his Coin back from Croco, the guy who stole it. Mallow was going to use the coin to buy a Cricket Pie for Frogfucious of Tadpole Pond. Together, Mario and Mallow took down Croco, got the Coin back, and took the tasty snack to Frogfucious.

Being from Tadpole Pond, Mallow believed he was indeed a tadpole. But really, he's a puffy cloud thing. He learns that when Frogfucious tells him the story of his origin: Frogfucious found him floating down the river in a basket, and on his belt, he had the name "Mallow" written on it. From that moment on, Mallow joined Mario in his quest to find the 7 Star Pieces, in hopes that along the way he'll find his true parents.

During his adventure with Mario, Mallow finds a startling revelation on Star Hill. For a long time, Mallow's parents have been wishing for him to find his way home. With that knowledge, Mallow begins to feel sad, and with him knowing he had true parents, searched more fiercely.

When the party reaches Nimbus Land, there's already a prince named Mallow there! Thing is, all the residents are puffy cloud people like Mallow, and this so called prince is not. It turns out that it is Dodo, a member of the Smithy Gang, who is the inferior to Valentina. Dodo and Valentina have been impersonating the queen and prince in order to rule Nimbus Land.

Mario and crew defeat the impersonators and free the real King and Queen Nimbus. They tell Mallow that he indeed is a prince, and that they are his true parents. But they feel as though it's more important to find the missing Star Pieces and repair the Star Road, so Mallow continues with Mario on his journey.

In the end, Mallow helps bring back the Star Pieces from the Smithy Gang, and he returns to Nimbus Land where he resumes his role as prince.

Other Facts

Mallow only has 3 weapon types: Staves, Cymbals, and Gloves.

Mallow's most famous quote comes in Forest Maze, and is one of the more famous quotes in the entire Mario series. "Who do you think you are, Bruce Lee?" For those don't know, Bruce Lee was a master of fighting and martial arts, and is a reference when Mario wanted to go in on Bowyer with his fists flying.

Mallow is the only playable character in Super Mario RPG that has a physical-appearing family.

Mallow can separate himself along the waste line, which he does for his magic attacks.

Mallow's Coin is actually a Frog Coin, a different type of currency developed later in the game.