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Koops' Story

Koops first appeared in the wildly successful hit Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for the Nintendo Gamecube. Mario was heading towards the first Crystal Star when he passed through Petalburg, the hometown of Koops and a whole lot of other Koopas!

When Mario reached Petalburg, he found out that the Crystal Star was being held in Hooktail Castle, the home to a giant Koopa-eating dragon named Hooktail. In order to reach the castle, Mario needed to go through the dangerous Shwonk's Fortress in order to retrieve 2 mystical stones that would open the way for him.

Before Mario was able to proceed to Shwonk's Fortress, Koops stopped him and began to ask if he could join Mario in the quest to defeat Hooktail. Koops' father had be killed when he tried to stop Hooktail himself. Because of Koops' own lack of courage, he quickly ran away from Mario, not allowing him to answer.

Mario went ahead and retrieved the stones. He then headed towards Hooktail Castle. Before he left Petalburg, Koops came up to him with enough bravery and courage and asked to join the party. Mario accepted the offer, and Koops and the gang started their journey to the castle.

Inside the castle, Koops came to a horrible realization when he saw the bones and remains of a Koopa that he thought was his father. Much to his dismay, he pressed on, determined to banish the evil beast once and for all.

When Mario and the gang reached Hooktail, Koops was terrified. Still, he wanted to go through with the battle. With Mario by his side, who wouldn't want to battle? The two, along with Goombella, took down the evil beast.

When Hooktail was defeated, Koops' father appeared of his stomach. He had been eaten long ago, but was protected by his shell and such. The 2 were reunited and the first Crystal Star was obtained from the castle.

However, Koops did not stay with his dad. He decided along with his girlfriend and father that searching for the Crystal Stars was much more important. He joined Mario until they reached and banished the Shadow Queen, fully ridding the world of her evil reign. Afterwards, Koops returned to Petalburg stronger and more brave.

Other Facts

Koops is the counterpart of Kooper from the original Paper Mario.

Koops is the only Koopa to wear clothes. He also sports a band-aid across his nose.

Koops has a girlfriend whose name is Koopie-Koo.

Koops is the only partner to have a family member appear in the game.