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Lady Bow

Bow's Story

Bow, also known as Lady Bow, first appeared in the Nintendo 64 hit Paper Mario. When Mario figured out the puzzle of Forever Forest, he arrived at a mansion where Bow and other Boos lived. After discussing about the 3rd Star Spirit, Bow joined up with Mario and friends.

After rescuing the second Star Spirit, Mario headed to the Forever Forest. This forest was hard to get through since it was a giant puzzle which led many before to go the wrong way. Eventually, Mario got through Forever Forest. There, he arrived at a mansion full of Boos.

Here, Mario was once again puzzled. The Boos laid out a series of tricky events for Mario to solve, and after conquering them all, Mario met Bow. It was soon revealed that Bow was the leader of the Boos, and that they were having a problem. The evil Tubba Blubba was eating all the Boos right out of the Mansion!

The bigger problem was that Bow actually had the 3rd Star Spirit, Skolar, in her possession. After talking it over, Bow proposed that if Mario could help her defeat Tubba Blubba, she would give him Skolar. Not to be outdone, she decided to join Mario in the fray.

From there, the two traveled to Tubba Blubbas castle which was at the edge of Gusty Gulch. After defeating all of Tubba Blubba's henchmen, they finally reached the main man himself. A quick battle ensued, and Tubba Blubba was forced to flee. It didn't take hard to find him though - Bow and Mario found his essence, his heart, near a windmill in Gusty Gulch.

After defeating his heart, all the Boos that were eaten came back, and they all went back to the mansion. Mission in hand, Bow gave up Skolar to Mario, and the 3rd chapter of Mario's adventure came to a close. Afterwards, Bow decided to stay with Mario till the final showdown with Bowser.

Other Facts

Bow appeared in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year door in Poshley Heights.

Bow has her own personal butler named Bootler.

A photo of Bow appears in Super Paper Mario in Francis' Fortress.

Bow has a Catch Card in Super Paper Mario.