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Article: Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Not Yet!

What does it mean by "Not Yet"? Well, it means a lot about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl game. Simple: It's not even out yet!

What do I mean? Well, let's take an interesting route to get to the point. I received an email the other day from a fan, who'll remain anonymous, which sounded something like this:

"Hey Mario Legacy, why are you guys updating along with the official Super Smash Bros. Brawl website?!? It's the best game ever and you don't even have any coverage of it!"

And that got me thinking about how low Mario's gotten, because there's already people calling this the best game ever. News flash: You haven't played it yet.

More and more do I see this game being praised at levels that it just does not deserve. I mean, really, a few eye-candy, fan-boyish updates has the whole community of fans riled up. It's always nice to have updates like this, but it hardly shows the game at it's true level, especially without playing it.

Other people have said the same thing. Our own topic at the Message Board is loaded with higher-than deserved praise, and if you're a visitor to Nintendo's Nsider Forums, you can see that the board is littered with all kinds of posts about how it's going to be the best game ever produed.

Now I know there's going to be people out there who'll say I'm knocking it down, not giving it a chance, or just plain wrong. My response? Well, it may not be quite what you think it will be.

Truth is, I think it'll be a tremendous game. And there's nothing wrong with speculation, but it's just becoming too much of "this is the best game ever," or I wouldn't even be writing this article. We don't know how it'll play, we don't know how it'll even compare to the first two installments of the series!

But by looks alone, and by all the updates we receive daily, it truly does look like it'll be a great game, and I hope it is. People just need to take a step back and realize what they're looking at is an unfinished, un-released, and un-polished game so far. It's not the best game produced, because production isn't even part of the equation yet.

Really though, we're expecting a great game and who knows, it may just be the best game ever. But not yet, we need to see more of it and actually play it to determine so.