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Article: A Few Too Many Mario Party Games

A long time ago, there was an idea for a Mario game focused of multiplayer. Hudson took up the task and developed Mario Party, which has since grown into the largest franchise to feature Mario. Normally, when a series can reach 8 main console games, it's impressive. But in the case of the Mario Party series, it's just a bit different.

In short: Too much over expansion.

Back in the mid 1990's, Mario was on top of his game. Super Mario RPG came out and took the old 2D style and rendered it, leading to the Nintendo 64 which brought Mario into the 3D world. It was a perfect time to expand on the series as a whole, and Nintendo then published Mario Party.

Let's make this short as well: It was a great game.

Mario Party created a new dynamic to the Mario series. It wasn't an adventure game. It had no enemies. Peach wasn't kidnapped. Instead, it was a game dedicated to pure fun for one person, and even more when a few people got together.

But that was a long time ago. After Mario Party came it's sequel, Mario Party 2. That was also a great game, possibly the best in the series even today. It kept it simple, and the new minigames and boards were welcomed by many fans after they were done with everything found in the first Mario Party.

And then things took a turn for the worse.

Another short: Mario Party 3 was released.

Most would argue with that. It's not that I think Mario Party 3 is even that bad! But Mario Party 3 was not like 1 or 2. No, it was different. Instead of sticking with what gave them success, Hudson went and tried to change it. Well, not really change it, but they added a lot of different things which changed the dynamic of the game overall.

And that's how it's stayed.

Mario Party 4 followed up with the first Mario Party to be released on the Gamecube. It had decent graphics, terrible music, decent (but not spectacular) minigames, and was way too easy, leading it to not be a fun game. Mario Party 5 came and went, and 6/7 tried to change it even more, further ruining what the original Mario Party started.

Mario Party (the original) is just an after thought today. Why? Because there's so many recent titles to think about more. There's just too many Mario Party games out there, each becoming more repetitive and worse off than the others.

I mean, 8 titles (including Mario Party Advance) have been released in less than 10 years! And we're all waiting on the 8th one to come, which being on the Nintendo Wii, might be the one to save the series.

But until we know...well, who knows. If there was 4 or 5 games, things would be different, because now, the series has been shoved down the throats of Mario fans. There's just too much of it, and everything that the first 2 or 3 games started has been diluted.

Maybe, maybe 8 will be the one to change the series for the better, maybe. After all, we all know 9 and 10 aren't far off...