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Shiver City

Shiver City
Shiver City's Story

Shiver City was one of the final places Mario visited in Paper Mario. Cold and freezing, Shiver City is home to numerous penguins and is the gateway to Starborn Valley. Eventually, Shiver City leads Mario to rescue Kalmar, the seventh Star Spirit. Mario got the tip from Merlon and his friend.

After defeating Huff N' Puff in Flower Fields, Mario finds himself heading towards the arctic with his all his companions to retrieve the 7th Star Spirit. To get to the seventh Star Spirit, Mario needed to go through Toad Town's sewers. That led him directly to Shiver City, the ending point in the pathway between the cold and Toad Town.

The cold didn't really affect Mario too much, and he was able to rest up and get supplies. Upon his arrival, Mario could see that there was a bit of panic in Shiver City. In fact, something has happened to Mayor Penguin, as mentioned by some other penguins. Mayor Penguin lived in the house that was the furthest west.

When Mario arrived at the mayor's house, his wife completely flipped on Mario! Mayor Penguin was lying on the floor, completely unconscious as if he were to dead. Of course, what is a depressed penguin to do? Blame Mario for entering the house is the logical answer, and with that, Mario became a marked man for murder.

But let's get real here, it's Mario. To redeem himself, Mario vowed to find the real murderer, and set off to do so. After talking to Shiver City's citizens, Mario eventually cracked the case by talking to Herringway, the town novelist. The mayor was indeed laying unconscious, but he wasn't dead! Mayor Penguin merely hit his head while trying to retrieve an item.

With that, Mario was welcomed by all of those in Shiver City. The grouped continued to the east through Snow Road, which features many snowmen, to get to Starborn Valley. Upon reaching Starborn Valley, Mario learned the fate of newborn stars. He received a Scarf in Starborn Valley.

From there, Mario proceeded once more to Shiver City, re-crossing Snow Road. His mission was to see Mayor Penguin once more. After talking things over, the Mayor decided to give Mario a Bucket that has been passed down from generation to generation to the people in Shiver City.

With the Bucket and Scarf, Mario went to the middle of Snow Road where all the snowmen resided. Once was missing a Scarf, the other a Bucket hat. Once Mario placed these two items, a gateway that would lead him to Kalmar was revealed.

Shivery City served as a pivotal starting point for Mario's journey to rescue Kalmar. It remains a fan favorite with it's sleek design, quirky story, and it's actual mission in the game.

Other Facts

Shiver City is the first snow/ice area to appear in any Mario RPG.

Shiver City is the only city in the game with a mayor, though most of the other places have a designated leader.

Shiver City features an Item Shop, a Toad House, a Warehouse, a Lake, and 8 buildings.