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Grass Land

Grass Land
Grass Land's Story

Grass Land was the first world Mario traveled through in Super Mario Bros. 3. Mario started his journey here in order to save the princess. Grass Land features many different types of levels - castles, underground levels, and regular overworld levels.

On the map screen, Grass Land features dancing cactuses in a desert like theme. From the start, Mario is exposed to new items and enemies in the levels, as well as new tests and obstacles. This was like nothing Mario had ever seen before.

Mushroom Houses were found in Grass Land, offering a home to Toad. There, Toad gave Mario his choice of treasure chests, yielding him a powerful item. A giant lock was found before the first level as well, as long with a Spade space to give Mario the chance to earn extra lives.

The first few levels see Mario traveling in the now-famous Super Mario Bros. 3 overworld. Once Mario has crossed these, he enters the first subcastle, home to Boom-Boom, a nasty little enemy that would come back to fight Mario many times. The subcastle would unlock new paths for Mario to travel through.

After traversing underground in level 5, Mario was back on the overworld. He also had to fight a set of Hammer Bros. before he entered the Castle. The Castle harbored an Airship, which was very difficult for Mario to pass through. At the end of the Airship, Mario fought and defeated Larry Koopa, the guardian of Grass Land and the first Koopa Kid.

After defeating Larry Koopa, Mario proceeded to go to Desert Hill.

Other Facts

Grass Land has 6 levels, 1 subcastle, and the Airship.

Grass Land has 2 orange Mushroom Houses and 1 White Mushroom House. The White Mushroom House is unlocked by completing level 4 with 44 coins or higher.

Grass Land's theme was featured as the theme for Super Mario 64 Ds's Rec Room.