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Forest Maze

Forest Maze
Forest Maze's Story

The Forest Maze first appeared in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and has not made another appearance since in it's original / similar form. Mushrooms aplenty, the Forest Maze provides a puzzling atmosphere for Mario and his friends.

After saving the first Star Piece from Mack, Mario and Mallow headed towards Tadpole Pond to gather info on where they should be going. After reaching Frogfucious at the pond, Mallow is shocked to find that he is not a tadpole. With the newfound knowledge, Mallow permanently joins Mario in a quest to find his parents.

That led the two to find Rose Town, the final entry way before Forest Maze. Rose Town was full of citizens who couldn't move a muscle due to being hit from arrows which were coming from the Forest Maze. To seek shelter, Mario & Mallow took leave in the town Inn.

At the Inn, the party met Gaz and Geno. After playing with Gaz's dolls and being knocked out, Mario rested upstairs to recover. During this time, Geno was born into his now-recognized form. He left for the Forest Maze on a mission.

Upon awakening, Mario was greeted with Gaz's yelling of how Geno walked into the Forest Maze. While distracted, Mario and Mallow proceeded to go and follow him, leading them directly to the Forest Maze itself.

Waiting for Mario and Mallow was a place of green trees, traps, and puzzles. Fake mushrooms were found all over the forest, though real ones appeared as well, providing aid for the party. Stumps that are reminiscent of pipes were also found with rats, Wigglers, and other nasty enemies.

As the two proceeded, the winding forest took it's toll. A long path led Mario and Mallow to an area of 4 entry ways, but also to Geno. Quickly, the group followed Geno so they wouldn't get lost. If they picked a wrong direction, they would be sent to the start of 4-direction maze.

When the group emerged, they found the source of the flying arrows. A horrible monster named Bowyer was hurling them at the people of Rose Town, and he was prepared to fire 1000 more. Before he could get them off, Geno came hurling down from the sky and challenged Bowyer to a fight.

Knowing now that Bowyer was on the wrong side, Mario and Mallow rushed through the longest part of the forest to aid him. Birds were on the path as it was raining arrows from Bowyer. Eventually, the group reached Geno and a battle ensued with Mario, Mallow, and Geno being victorious and earning the 2nd Star Piece.

The Forest Maze served as the meeting point for Geno. It also provided numerous secrets and something that was just different from other areas in past Mario games. The Forest Maze remains as one of the most memorable areas in the Mario RPG series and the Mario series as a whole.

Other Facts

The music playing in the Forest Maze is called "Beware the Forest's Mushrooms"

There's a secret room of all hidden treasure chests - to get to it, a player needs to enter the part with the 4 directions and go left, left, straight, and right from Mario's view.

Some of the mushrooms in the forest are rare mushrooms that the Mushroom Boy in Seaside Town will give great prizes for.