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Flipside's Story

Flipside first appeared in Super Paper Mario. Flipside is the central town for the game, serving as a place that hosts the Pure Heart Pillars and leads Mario to other dimensions.

At the start of Super Paper Mario, Flipside is the first place Mario visits. He's greeted by Merlon, the resident of Flipside that knows all about the Light Prognosticus. He explains that Mario has landed on Flipside Tower, where the doors to all worlds are found.

Back on the first floor, Merlon led Mario to his house and explained the situation. After giving Mario a Pure Heat, he instructed Mario to place it in the first Pure Heart Pillar. This allowed a gateway to the first world, Lineland, to be opened.

With that, Mario went on with his adventure. World after world, Mario fought many enemies to regain the Pure Hearts. With them, he returned to Flipside to place them in the Pure Heart Pillars, as Merlon told him to do so.

Once there was no more Pillars, Mario found a palace like room with 8 colored blocks within Flipside. After hitting them all in the correct order, Mario discovered that there was a second Flipside -- Flopside! Both were linked in order to keep a balance between dimensions.

Flipside ultimately served as the main town in Super Paper Mario. Mario constantly returned here in order to get to other places, and with Flipside's many floors, found everything he needed. Flipside Tower hosted all the doors to other dimensions and worlds, and also was the return point for the Return Pipe.

Flipside is also home to Merluvlee, part of Merlon's family as a fortune teller. Flipside contains an Item Shop, Inn, Arcade, a place for cooking, and much, much more. Flipside is navigated  in both 2D and 3D.

The legendary Pit of 100 Trials is also found here, as well as Piccolo, a secret pixel with musical talents. The Flipside Pit of 100 Trials is the easier set of trials when compared to Flopside's Pit of 100 Trials.

Other Facts

Flipside's counterpart is Flopside, the exact opposite layout of Flipside.

Flipside has its own Pipe Builder - Weldenberg! He builds pipes to get around Flipside/Flopside easier.