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Mario Legacy's 2nd Anniversary

Today, Mario Legacy celebrates it's 2nd anniversary! While it hasn't been the greatest of all years, it's still something to take note of! There's not a whole lot of sites that can make 2 years and still be active, so it's definitely   worth the mention! As I always do, let's take a stroll down memory lane (oh man is that cliche) to revisit where we've been. Here's the year in review!

The year started out with a bang 3 weeks after the site tuned 1. On July 31, 2007, we managed to collect our 100th piece into the Fan Works sections! That was really great because ML was so much more than a information site. Actually, our fan sections, specifically Fan Art, were some of the most popular sections throughout the whole site! In fact, the Fan Art page cracked the top 15 most viewed pages most months.

Our next big thing came in late August, the 28th to be exact. With the success of our Character Profiles section, we decided to add a sister page: Area Profiles! The first profile added was The Forest Maze from Super Mario RPG, and they became a hit. We actually had a lot of requests as to the order to do them in. The section didn't really expand at the fastest rate ever seen, but it was nice to have.

A month later, something special happened. After hearing it from the Message Board members that I wasn't going to be able to do what I promised, I did it anyways. On September 24, 2007, we had our single largest update ever. In total, a full 88 pages were added to the site - really, it was a truly remarkable update. Ok, so it wasn't necessarily the greatest pieces of content ever added, but to have that much added in 1 update is pretty good. I bet Hisak still remembers that quite well.

Part of the update was the so called Brawl Report, which we took a lot of heat on. The Brawl Report consisted of numerous signs that pointed to Square-Enix somehow being involved in Brawl. Of course, we can now say that they weren't. It turned out that the report was wrong due to the source: The person who leaked it to us, despite being credible in some other things related to Brawl inclusions, was completely wrong in giving us this info. Still, it was worth a try.

Surprisingly, at the time, there wasn't a whole lot of reaction to the Brawl Report, so we didn't have much until October 19. Bramble Blast was announced as a song in Brawl. Ok, that's nothing big to anyone else, I just love that song. And I am mentioning it here just because I can. But yeah, don't worry, I'll stop now =P

A little 2 weeks later, Super Mario Legacy introduced Game Challenges to the site. Well, they weren't quite that original, since I originally ran a whole site about them, but they were minimized into their own section. They actually were quite popular if looked at by the number of challenges we had. I let that section kind of drift which never really gave it a fair chance. All and all though, it was a great section to add and was one of our unique ideas.

Not a whole lot happened after that for a little while. There was just a whole lot of steady updating with a bunch of new content additions for the next 2 months or so. The week after the new year was the next big thing: Our week long Comic Series Marathon took place! Each day a new comic was added, and it single handedly revived the comic series in terms of the amount of viewers. Maybe they weren't the best comics in the series, but a lot of people started to read them again.

Some news soundtracks and such were added after that, but nothing major occurred until mid winter. On February 20, 2008, Super Mario Legacy reached 1,000,000 page views! This was a major landmark for the site and actually surprised a lot of people. It was kind of like the day where we really established ourself as one of the major Mario sites behind the likes of Tmk and Smbhq. Truly, 1,000,000 is a special number!

A month later, our next major addition was added. In light of the success of the Comic Series, I decided that we may as well try and go the fan fiction route. Our own site-wide fan fiction, Super Mario Legacy High School, was started. It was based loosely around another infamous fan fiction series, Metroid High School, and was a highly satirical account. We only got one chapter done before it was stopped (see below), and that chapter ended up being re-written (this version was never released) anyways.

...And that's kind of where it all fell apart.

Quite honestly, I could go into what happened, but I'm not going to. I probably should because regardless of whether I like it or not, it is part of the year in review. But I'm not going to. For those who weren't here when it happened, it goes like this: The Message Board members and I no longer got along due to a misunderstanding, and together on both sides, a chain reaction which led to the site being closed. May 10 was the day.

And for a while, the site was closed. The Blacklist, a collection of names I wrote out to for a final send off was made, though few people saw it before the site was reopened and the Blacklist was removed. And why I reopened it will remain a secret because quite honestly, if I explain it, I will have to compromise someone's privacy to fully give the details. It was just reopened, simple as that.

Since then, well, nothing's gone right, and it doesn't look like anything will continue to go right. All the sections involving the members of the board were removed, and only 2 pieces of content were added. Actually, those pieces were done right before the closing, so essentially, no new pieces have been created or added.

And that brings us to today and the future. Today was supposed to be a happy and celebratory occasion, but unfortunately for myself, it just really isn't. I do not like to be associated with Sml after the disaster it's turned into, and the experience Sml has given me has literally caused me to change my life plans. For example, I no longer go to college for web design. It has also negatively impact the way I interact with people - friends and fans alike.

The future of the site...well, I just don't know. While I would like to try and do some reconciliation with myself, those involved, and those who were unfairly afflicted (mainly the fans), the point remains that the site can no longer be what it was. We were so, so unique compared to other sites, but it just can't be that site anymore. My motivation has literally been taken away from me by some people, and I have literally started to develop a hatred for it.

I see 2 months. The site's already paid for until this day next year, but in terms of activity, well, I just can't see if going longer. Not to say that I'm doing it intentionally (because in reality, I'm not), I seriously struggle to make something of it. Essentially, something needs to happen that tells me, "you know what, it's worth doing something online again." I just don't know what that is, and unfortunately, I see nothing of the sort upcoming.

I've already tried to take step 1 into developing a fresh start. Unfortunately, only,  3 people know what that is (which I hope they do NOT tell others), but the rest will find out. It's a new year for the site. While I can't see much progression, I'm hoping for less and less regression. But we can't run from our past, so we'll have to wait and see how it turns out.

As said in one of my favorite songs ever: "From bonfires of trust to flashfloods of pain"

Like last year, here's a comic to "celebrate" the anniversary. Unfortunately, it just seems like there's nothing to celebrate. We thank the few and far between who've supported us throughout the year.